Today, several million of Ukrainians are forced to move to Europe. This has had us facing new challenges and needs for both Ukrainians and Europeans.

We offer a format of events of various scales to find answers to questions that arise in the process of interaction between the new Ukraine and the new Europe.

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is to intensify effective intercultural dialogue and cooperation, to help Ukrainians adapt to Europe and for Europe to integrate Ukrainians, and to strengthen their skills in dealing with uncertainty in the future.


We consciously make the format of events as flexible as possible, so that it corresponds to the specifics of the countries and regions where they will take place.

Events can take place in the format:

  • festivals involving artists and cultural figures
  • conferences with hot topics discussions
  • festivals and workshops with specialists involved in working with displaced persons
  • facilitation sessions on the «Open Space» principle


Things which are important for us:

  • the mental condition of people, both Europeans and Ukrainians
  • intercultural dialogue
  • the future of Europe and Ukraine
  • facilitation, opportunity to negotiate

Helping Europe integrate Ukrainians

Europe has not encountered so many displaced people so far. We are ready to help volunteers and professionals who care for displaced persons to cope with the difficulties that may arise. In particular, with emotional burnout, recovery, ability to cope with uncontrolled emotions of war-injured people, etc.

Intercultural dialogue

Meeting different cultures is not easy. It is difficult to be a refugee, it is not easy to accept such a large number of refugees. This causes great stress for both displaced persons and those who receive them. It is important to find ways to make this contact as simple and useful as possible for both Ukraine and Europe, as far as possible for the future.

Assistance to Ukrainians in adapting to Europe

- psychological help. Displaced persons have suffered with mental trauma as a result of the war, forced departure from Ukraine and adaptation to the new socio-cultural environment in Europe
- legal aid to facilitate adaptation in a specific European region
- intercultural adaptation at different levels (from domestic to cultural values)

Dialogues about the future

Ukrainians and Europeans have entered a new reality, full of uncertainty in the future. This is difficult to deal with, as the future, which until recently was quite definite and predictable for everyone, has become uncertain and frighteningly blurred.
Dialogues about the future will help both Europeans and Ukrainians learn to deal with uncertainty. Find fulcrums and create a common future together.
Dialogues on the future of Europe and Ukraine are a question not so much of what is happening today, but of what will happen next.

IVan petkanych

Author and developer of the Transsystem Approach. Founder of the Center for Innovative Education TSD Training. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Center for the Future.

System analyst, psychotherapist and futurologist.

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TSD Training

Training and educational center. Since 2008 we have been holding trainings, seminars, conferences and festivals, as well as teaching psychological counseling specialists.  Activity is based on the Transsystem Approach (TSA).

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A non-governmental organization that implements projects for youth, teachers, public activists, social business.

Our mission: is to establish a dialogue between generations and sociocultural groups in order to find common values and systemic solutions for the development of the community and society