(Rules for the employment of services in TSD training)

Rules for the employment of services in the Center for Innovative Development TSD training

TSD training-in the special individuals-pіdprimsya mother, Svitlani Mikolavni, Sho, on the pindstavi vitations of the sowing sowing of the Legal Osіbschichny Osіb-Pidprimz, the number 2 339 000 p. (Identification number 0000, place of registration: 025127, KYIV REGION, KYIV-SVYATOSHINSKY DISTRICT, MISTO BOYARKA, STREET KAVKAZKA, BUDINOK 21.01.2019), keruyuchis st. Art. 39393260, 08154 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, on the one hand, and

Koristuvachem - a physical special, which is part 2 of Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, by its actions, adopted (accepted) the proposition of laying down the Treaty, from the other side,

given names in the text of the Agreement - "Parties", and skin okremo - "Party", about the offensive:

1. Definition of terms

This paragraph is the interpretation of the introduction of the lower terms, definitions and distinctions, as they are written in this Agreement.

“Acceptance” is completely, insanely unguarded by the years of Koristuvach with the provisions of this Agreement on the minds, appointed by the Public Offer Agreement, and by the Appendices to the new one, without guarding and vinyatkiv. Acceptance shall be respected by the fact of being registered with the Site, or with the Site, or with the Services of TSD training.

"Agreement", "Offer" - a document published on the site https://tsa.org.ua/ in the Internet, which regulates the blue between Koristuvachs and TSD training in the process of providing services.

"Koristuvach" - be it a physical person, if you can access the site https://tsa.org.ua/ and to the side of TSD training in the "Facebook", "Instagram" for the help of the Internet.

«Послуги» — надання Виконавцем послуг, які полягають у забезпеченні Користувача можливістю пройти майстер-класи, тренінги, семінари, інтенсиви очно чи онлайн, а також спеціалізовані навчальні курси або отримати індивідуальні консультації, TSD training, шляхом розміщення відповідної пропозиції та/або інформації в Merezhi "Facebook", "Instagram", on the site https://tsa.org.ua/, as well as the services of Koristuvach's access to a complex of special educational courses (including video recordings of training, audio recordings, text support of courses), the development of TSD training.

"Software Security", "Software" - an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and similar) for accessing information resources that are in the Internet, other programs for transferring, collecting, processing information, hopefully.

"Cookies" - a small piece of data that is managed by a web server and such that it is saved on the computer of the host, the web client or the web browser once sends the web server to the HTTP request when trying to open the page of the original site.

"IP-addresses" - a unique address of the university in the computer network, prompted by the IP protocol, which allows you to identify the place of distribution and other information about Koristuvach.

"Financial agent" - a company that provides Internet payment services, which integrates into the functionality of the Site to pay for the services provided by TSD training. Financial agent - LiqPay services - (web-interface of PrivatBank, but at the same time you can have other services of either company.

All meanings, definitions and terms that are not defined by this division, clutter in the meaning assigned by the official legislation of Ukraine, and if such a designation exists, in their natural understanding.

2. Scope of the contract

2.1. Viklikly in the order in the order on the minds, the rowing of the TSIM agreement, TSD Training Zobov'yazu, to Nadavati Koristuvachevov, Yaki Polevy, the Koristuvachi can pass the Mayster-Classi, the Trendensvi, and the specialized rates are in the special time. way of distributing specific propositions and/or information in the Facebook, Instagram, website https://tsa.org.ua/, and Koristuvach zobov'yazuєtsya conscientiously condolences and pays for the given service. Services can be given as an interactive face-to-face and / or online format (remotely).

2.2. The service schedule line is set to the approved TSD training service schedule, including any service training, which may be changed or modified by TSD training unilaterally.

3. The procedure for accepting propositions according to the provisions of this Agreement

3.1. Dany Dogovir vіdpovіdno to Art. Art. 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine as a public contract.

3.2. Placement of the text of this Agreement on the site https://tsa.org.ua/ With the help of the parties in the Facebook, Instagram, and other electronic sources of mass information, it is also necessary to place the data of the Agreement as a party to the lawfulness, which is transmitted to them.

3.3. The proposition is accepted (accepted), and the Agreement is put down from the moment of signing Koristuvach on the side of TSD training in the "Facebook", "Instagram" or by the services of TSD training. With this, additional signing of the Treaty from the side of Koristuvach will not be required. Vіdpovіdnosti up to part 2 of Art. 642 Central Committee of Ukraine, subscription to the TSD training side in the "Facebook", "Instagram" links, corroboration of the services of TSD training and/or from these rules published on the site https://tsa.org.ua/, є dієyu, scho zasvіdchuє priynyattya propozitsії laying down the provisions of the Agreement and accepting all mind, appointed in the new. Also, by accepting the offer of the Offer for the additional payment for the services of TSD training, it is reasonable to the Agreement and the information on the TSD training website. From the moment you need a penny koshtіv for the payment of services, this Contract is important to arrange between TSD training and Koristuvach.

3.4. The grabbed of the Offeri means, the Koristuvach of the Undeys of the Remes with the Tsyo Treaty with the Rules of the Payment Systems - the Fitanese Agent, Specifical to the Site, in the framework of the pink and tuning of the place of the site of the same resource. Agreement. І privnyuєtsya vіdpovіdno to h. 2 tbsp. 642 of the Central Committee of Ukraine until the parties agree to a bilateral written agreement on their minds, as they are included below in this Offer.

3.5. Dії Koristuvachіv, forwarded to clause 3.3. given to the Treaty, such as to be sure of the acceptance of all, without excluding the minds of the given Treaty. Wash the Agreement not to amend and/or supplement for the initiative of Koristuvachiv.

3.6. The range of services provided by TSD training, and available before the appointment, is indicated on the Website, on the TSD training pages in the "Facebook", "Instagram" and can be changed TSD training at your own discretion at any hour unilaterally. The varity has been changed from the moment of publication and it is expanded only for those services, as it is announced after the publication of a new varst.
Payment for the Services is carried out by the Coristuvach in the form of an overpayment in the amount of 100% according to the cost of the Services in online mode through the system of electronic payments of the Financial Agent, through the payment on the Site. Before the payment procedure, the rules determined by the financial agent will be established. At the moment of payment, the amount of pennies on the account of the Financial Agent is taken into account.
All charges related to the transfer of pennies, including the services of a banking institution, a financial agent, rely on Koristuvach.

3.7. Giving servants to individual prayers for Koristuvach, and to that, pennies are not paid in return, and they are paid by Koristuvach in full obligation.
In the event of repeated or partial non-payment of service fees to Koristuvachs, TSD training has the right to act in accordance with their duties. If you have already paid the Koristuvachy money, the depositor for the contract and the return is not charged.

4. Rights and obligations

4.1. TSD training may:

1) Withdraw from Koristuvacha your own payment for the given services for the price, in the order that is on the minds, appointed on the site https://tsa.org.ua/ or administration of TSD training.

2) Reschedule or change the time of service delivery to Koristuvach, at the time of delay or the time of the day, which will take an uninterrupted fate (training/training) in the process of service delivery TSD training.

3) Promise the Client to be able to carry out employment (recognize the obligation to serve under the Agreement), if there is a clear sign that the Client is in the camp of alcoholic, narcotic, or toxic drug use, information of the Client, and, as such, set out, listed in this clause of the Agreement, which is obvious to the representatives of Vikonavtsya.

4) Carry out audio-video- and photoshoots at TSD training studios, materials such as TSD training may be placed on the Site, in social networks, as well as featured in TSD training advertising materials for the benefit of the Client.

5) Without advance notice to install and discount various discounts, marketing campaigns, benefits, establish discount programs for TSD training clients.

6) Confirmation by the Client of the mobile phone number and/or the email address for transferring to the Client a reminder that information about the Services of TSD training should be collected.

7) In the case of violating the coristuvachy minds of the TSD training Agreement, I have the right to accede or zaupinity vikonannya their goiter in accordance with the th Agreement. Advance payment for services, in this case, do not pay for the return of Koristuvach.

8) TSD training has the right not to allow the Coristuvach to work, in case of damage to the Coristuvachem obligation to pay for the services of TSD training, until such time until the debt is repaid in full.

9) Opening the agreements on the Agreement unilaterally for the power of the initiative, allowing Koristuvacha access to the TSD training side in the Facebook, Instagram account, in addition to the service, in case of damage to the given Agreement.

10) Opening the data of the Agreement unilaterally at the discretion of the authoritative way to allow Koristuvach access to the TSD training side in the “Facebook”, “Instagram, at the time of posting the Koristuvachem information, which can be sent to the TSD training address.

4.2. TSD training crops are:

1) Give the Koristuvach the correct information about the order of the TSD training services.

2) On the way of Koristuvach, explain to you the zm_st given to the Agreement, that be-like s yoga of minds.

3) At the discretion of Koristuvach for services, for which the deposit is paid, or the full rank, the rest of you do not turn over, but are left with TSD training.

4.3. Koristuvach may have the right:

1) Retrieve the correct information about TSD training and clear the order of employment.

2) Take into account the TSD training clarification about the issue of this Agreement, be it from your mind.

3) Withdraw TSD training services in full compliance and subject to the established TSD training Schedule.

4.4. Koristuvach goiter:

1) Pay your dues for the TSD training, in order, on the minds assigned on the site https://tsa.org.ua/ or administration of TSD training.

2) Nefariously dotrimuvatsya minds given to the Treaty.

3) Please bear in mind that TSD training has the right to transfer or change the frequency of service delivery to Koristuvach, at the time of the occasion, who will take an uninterrupted fate (vikladachі/uchnі) in the process of service delivery of TSD training.

4) Independently bear the responsibility for the camp of your health, as well as negligently inform the administration of TSD training about the presence of medical contraindications or active illnesses, as they can change the practice and participation in employment. In case of incompatibility, I will become healthy of the Client, which allows the center to ensure the safety of the Client (assessed by representatives of TSD training independently), the center has the right to unilaterally litigate the breach of the Agreement.

5) Consider the occupations in advance of the Schedule, sum up to your practices and training, respectfully listen to the coach, complete all the tasks in the classroom, behave yourself in a way that is appropriate to the other listeners, speakers and specialists in TSD training. Do not overthink technology, materials, tools and other moisture TSD training.

6) Obov'yazkovo ahead of the TSD training administration about your day at work in a way that is convenient for you (by phone or via messenger). Due to Koristuvach's absence from class, TSD training does not blame the need to repeat the material covered in the initial course, the seminar and the retreat and financial arrangements before Koristuvach.

7) Do not transfer, in any way, to third parties access to the materials of the TSD training courses, to secure full confidentiality of access to data that is hoped for in closed channels in social networks and messengers or to other resources;

8) Do not copy and do not spread in any way (do not publish, do not post on other resources on the Internet, do not transfer or resell to third parties) materials that require TSD training and withholding during the provision of Services, do not create on their basis іnformatsiyni produkt z metoyu vyluchennya komertsіy surplus, and also do not vykoristovuvat tsu іnformatsiyu be-yakim іnshim rank, krіm yak for a special vikoristannya. In case of violation of this provision, the Koristuvach carried the duty to comply with the provisions of the Agreement and the legislation of Ukraine.

4.5. At the time of Koristuvacha's choice of training, at the choice of TSD training lines, or at the choice of Koristuvacha's of the cause of dissatisfaction with the candidate, whom TSD training took, TSD training materials, as they are awarded to the initial process, payment is not subject to change.

5. The order of giving and finishing Services

5.1. The servants are hoped for in obsyazі and on the minds, appointed in this Agreement.

5.2. TSD training organizes courses, seminars, retreats, to take, information about which is posted on the TSD training website.

5.3. Koristuvach, for the services that TSD training is credited with, Koristuvach, it will be good time to win over the TSD training, sing with the great practice of "publicity": give interviews, positive comments about TSD training. skinny.

6. Vidpovidalnist for the destruction of the minds of the Treaty

6.1. For nevikonannya or nevykonannya minds given to the Agreement, the Parties shall be liable, transferred by this Agreement and the norms of civil legislation of Ukraine.

6.2. In times, even if not victorious, or not properly vikonnannya minds given to the Treaty, one of the other Parties brought to the task of slaughter in the other Party, the Party of goiters was guilty of such a slaughter in the general agreement.

6.3. Vіdshkoduvannya zavdannyh zabitkіv not zvіlnyaє vinnu Party vіd obov'yazku nelezhno vykonannya minds given to the Treaty.

6.4. Coristuvach bears remuneration for his own payment for the services of TSD training. At the time of untimely payment of TSD training services, the Koristuvach pays a TSD training penalty in the amount of the NBU's operating rate on the amount of the fee for the skin day of the payment being overdue.

6.5. At the end of the day, TSD training is under the control of the main shkodi (preparation, poshkodzhennya, izishchennya, non-stacha lane (tools, materials, equipment, furniture, sports equipment, etc.) TSD training), distribution of materials in the course to third persons, rozmіrі stretching one day from the date of the task of such a shkodi.

6.6. TSD training does not bear any liability to Koristuvach for mutual participation of Koristuvach and third parties (participants in entries), including mutual liability and mutual claims in the process and after the performance of these services, without the participation of TSD training.

7. Lines for the Agreement

7.1. Denmark Agreement - we will put it in the moment specified in clause 3.3. which Agreement.

7.2. Dany Dogovіr є bezstrokovym, that dіє protyagom hour dії copyright and summіzhny right at vіdpovіdnostі up to part 2 tbsp. 28, part 1. Article 44 of the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Secession Rights" as amended by the date of publication of the Agreement on the website https://tsa.org.ua/.

7.3. The effect of this Agreement may be attached to the initiative of TSD training, no matter what, about TSD training, please inform us in the way of posting relevant information on the site https://tsa.org.ua/ otherwise, in such a case, the Agreement is important to be broken once again after the announcement of Koristuvach TSD training. With whom, koshti, they don’t pay the coristuvachy turn.

7.4. Attachment of this to the Agreement does not suffice for coristuvacha due to the violation of the minds of this Agreement, sho mali mіsce pіd hоogo diї.

8. Force Majeure furnish

8.1. The side of the vita vakes of the TSIM agreement is the TO/Abo-Submary in Ukrainian legislation by the Vidpovіdalosti for the non-shaped abyt is not alerted by the Viconnya Dogovsky Zobov, Yaksho Vona, the Take of Okushnnya became vnaslіdok, there was a Fors-Majoric Office, and the Tsomo Tsomo, the Tsomo, was in the tsomo. the present day was confirmed in the order prescribed by the Treaty.

8.2. Under force majeure conditions, under the circumstances of this Agreement, there is an inexhaustible force - be it over the top of the name of the good fortune of the Storin character, as if blamed without the fault of the Storin, the posture of their will, or against the will of the bazhannu of the Storin, and yak it cannot be turned away (united), including (but not interspersed) natural phenomena (earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, ruins as a result of blisskavka soon), dashing biological, technogenic and anthropogenic (vibrations, fires, out of the fret of machines and possession , масові епідемії, епізоотії, епіфітотії, карантину тощо), обставини суспільного життя (війна, воєнні дії, блокади, громадські хвилювання, прояви тероризму, пандемія тощо), а також видання заборонних або обмежуючих нормативних актів органів державної влади чи місцевого самоврядування, інші законні or illegal fences between the names of bodies, as if it were impossible for the Parties to conclude this Agreement abo timcha owl pereskodzhayut such vikonannyu.

8.3. The party that can be sent to force majeure, goiter is tied up with a stretch
7 (seven) days from the moment of their vindication, notify the other Party about the occurrence of force majeure conditions and their impact on the violation of obligations under this Agreement.

8.4. The party, which has been overwhelmed by force majeure circumstances, cannot rely on them, as if it were not possible to inform them about their present, if they themselves had changed the administration of such notification.

8.5. If force-major conditions last more than one month, the skin of the Parties may have the right to enforce the Agreement. For that matter, the other side does not have the right to claim compensation for possible damages on the other side.

8.6. The proof of the presence of force majeure circumstances is a conclusion, seen by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine or another approved body.

9. Mind the Treaty

9.1. The Danish Agreement may be unilaterally terminated at the initiative of TSD training in cases referred to by this Agreement.

9.2. You can argue that they are blamed on the law, as they are regulated by this Agreement, which are violated by the Parties in the way of negotiations. At the same time, the Parties could not violate the negotiation with a path, such a dispute is violated in the judicial order of the civil legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. Changes to this Agreement can be made by TSD training by way of a new edition of the Agreement and publication on the site https://tsa.org.ua/.

9.4. The provisions, which are not regulated by the Agreement, are bound to the extent of the dignified legislation of Ukraine.