We provide effective working tools, with a help of which it is possible to form and improve skillsthat allow the maximum realization of a person's potential in any sphere of life..

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Feelings and emotions

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Ivan Petkanych's online lecture

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Training in psychological counseling and coaching in the transsystem approach
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Body-existential trainings

Training in psychological counseling and coaching in the transsystem approach
Special and professional development

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Introduction to the transsystem approach

Psychological counseling and coaching 1 step TSA

Body-existential psychotherapy

Deep transformation of personality at all levels - body, emotions, senses

Straight PRO

Goals and implementation 

Leadership and charisma

Psychology of Influence 


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general director of the Center for Innovative Education "TSD training"


✔ trainer, psychotherapist, philosopher, financier, businessman and system analyst;
✔ author of the transsystem surplus to development (TSA);
✔ author of over 1000 unique trainings, seminars and basic courses;
✔ Conducting post-graduate initial courses of transsystem development, for which over 5 years, over 5000 courses have been started;
✔ created, organized and held 10 international festivals of psychology and trainings "Alpha-fest", starting the trend of psychological festivals in Ukraine.

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Natalia Zaitseva

What topics do I specialize in?

  • Realization of oneself and one's desires.
  • Awareness, acceptance and working with your needs.
  • Goals and planning.
  • Communication and relationships, building boundaries, the ability to hear and listen, manifest and show yourself.
  • Establishing contact in the team.
  • Well-being and resources.

What do I lead in our center?
Educational basic courses "Goals, fears and desires"
Master classes on physicality, goals, communication and relationships.

My author's courses and programs:

  • Educational courses "Goals, fears and desires", "Goals, motivation, actions, results"
  • Training course "Easier to climb"
  • Direction and master classes "Soft Skills sport"
  • Master classes and webinars "Three secrets of desires", "What I want, I have", "How to easily start the day and continue", "MK on express rest", "How to tame your attention"
  • Master classes on male-female relationships


Nadiia Zozulia

What topics do I specialize in?

  • Goal setting, self-realization, fear of public speaking, self-doubt;
  • Health: symptoms and diseases – psychosomatics, body blocks and work with the body;
  • Interpersonal relations - child-parent, male-female; loss of relationship; exit from codependent relationships;
  • Emotional burnout, how to prevent and prevent;
  • Meanings and existential crises;
  • Women's training revealing their femininity and sexuality

What do I spend at our center?

I am Ivan Petkanych's co-trainer in the educational therapeutic cycle of physical and existential training. And also trainings, master classes, therapeutic groups.

My author's courses and programs:

  • Intensive for recovery after emotional burnout
  • The course of the development of sensuality
  • Course on child-parental aspects in psychological counseling
  • Course on communication and communication


Tanya Tanska

What topics do I specialize in?

  • awareness The ability to listen and hear oneself, distinguish feelings, impulses, internal processes;
  • insecurity, self-loathing, self-rejection;
  • relations With myself, with parents, with loved ones, with children, with colleagues. Subtleties of communication, boundaries. The ability to be heard and hear others.
  • crisis Age, existential, creative
  • senses Uselessness, inaction, resistance, procrastination;
  • resource. What is missing and where to get strength

What do I spend at our center?

  • Training in psychological counseling and coaching 1st degree;
  • Therapeutic groups: Path to yourself, Realization of goals, Management of feelings, I and You;
  • Developmental courses "Self-management", "Art of communication", "I and my body"

My author's courses and programs:
Developmental course "Self-Management"
Developmental course "Managing your feelings and states"
Course on communication and communication
A course about the body and physicality
Master classes on the topics: overcoming crises, anti-stress, male-female relations, parting

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Victoria Orel

What topics do I specialize in?

  • Goals and their implementation, how to find ways and options for moving forward.
  • Communication, contact and communicationhow to get along with each other.
  • Self management, self-awareness, the ability to manage their feelings.
  • Relations – masculine – feminine, a deep feeling of oneself as a woman or a man, how not to lose oneself in relationships, the art of showing boundaries.
  • family, life scripts, how they are formed, what is their meaning and how to get out of them.


What do I do in our center?

  • Training in psychological counseling and coaching 1st stage
  • Therapeutic groups: Path to yourself, Realization of goals
  • Developmental course "Self-Management"


My author's courses and programs:

  • Developmental course "Self-Management"
  • Development chicken "Managing your feelings and states"
  • Communication and communication course
  • Course about the body and physicality
  • A cycle of women's master classes on self-discovery
  • Trainings


Svetlana Mamaieva

What topics do I specialize in?

  • personality typologies in the transsystem approach
  • relations and contact - strategies and scenarios, roles in relations, crises and meanings
  • the body and what it says, psychosomatics, self-acceptance,
  • Desires and goals - how to understand what I really want and how to pave the way to realization
  • existential questions of meaning, purpose, fears of death and loneliness
  • systemic roles of men and women, gender, child-parent relationships

What do I do in our center?

  • Training in psychological counseling and coaching 1st stage
  • Therapeutic groups: Path to yourself, Realization of goals
  • Developmental course "Self-Management"

My author's courses and programs:

  • Developmental course "Self-Management"
  • Development chicken "Managing your feelings and states"
  • Communication and communication course
  • Course about the body and physicality
  • Trainings on communication and relationships


Anna Mulyavskaya


I went through a difficult path of recovery from addiction and exit from co-dependent relationships. And I know from my own experience how difficult it is.
But I also know that this is possible with a strong desire and with the help of experienced professionals.

Based on my life experience and the tools of psychotherapy, I gently and confidently lead the client to change the state and attitude to the problem.

I help you get out of depression, learn to rely on yourself and find the meaning of life.



Katerina Velko




Olga hare

About myself:
I love life in various yoga manifestations. I believe in people! I know from the best of my knowledge that such a framework and I respectfully go beyond them. I'm ready to give in tsomu pіdtrimka (and not only in tsomu).
For me, the main method of therapy is the integrity of the structure of a person and the integrity of a person with a necessary light.

And even if there is no specific request, but something in life is bothering you - contact us, we will figure it out during the work. That's what a psychotherapist is for - to help see white spots or bottlenecks that can be worked on.



Christina Kovyarova

It is very inspiring when a person in the process of work has a feeling of connections, both between his different parts, and with other people, large systems, which opens up new opportunities for creativity and development, effective interaction, the context expands, there is a feeling, desire and understanding of the vector movement.

It is valuable when a deep feeling comes about who I am and why I live, there is fullness, inspiration and awareness of how you really want and it is important to manifest yourself, as well as building specific steps to implement this.



Irina Tishko


  • Certified Consultant in TSA (Transsystem Approach);
  • Trainer and leader of groups, author's master classes and trainings;
  • Coach, host of psychological games;
  • Author of psychological articles;
  • Practicing psychotherapist;


I use the tools of yoga therapy and sacral therapy in my consultations.
I also manage two businesses in the field of interiors, sports tourism and extreme sports).
I do pole dancing, twerk, sports.
I love yoga and meditation, tantra and intensive travel with meaning from Sacral Yoga.



Natalia Chepornyuk

I can be a resource, support or support, and sometimes a "magic kick" - depending on who needs it right now

Education: social work, social psychology and conflictology (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy).

An experience: She worked as a psychologist for 3 years at the "Telephone Dobriya", 7 years of psychological practice.



Alexander Pavlov

By education: mathematician, teacher, lawyer, psychologist in the transsystem approach.
Extensive experience in entrepreneurial activity, in the role of a crisis manager and project manager, head of a division.
Happy mother of 3 children.



Victoria Milenko

Certified Practical Psychologist. Certified psychologist-consultant, I also use Sacral Yoga tools in my work. Happy mother of a son.



Katerina Petrova

For me, psychotherapy is a lifestyle with an interest in myself and the world. She went from a confused girl to a confident woman with a taste for life. From “I don’t know who I want to be” to the respect of colleagues.

In working with a client, it is important for me to be there, to be a support and to give freedom at the same time. It is valuable for me when a person goes beyond ideas about himself and the world around him. I treat people's feelings with trepidation and with respect for the experience.



Svetlana Koropets

Head of production unit/project; Organizational planning manager;
Ninjitsu martial arts trainer; yoga trainer



Svetlana Litvinenko

A woman with diverse life experiences. Yoga instructor since 2012. Certified psychologist-consultant, I also use Sacral Yoga tools in my work.



Tatyana Korneichuk

Sometimes it’s not so easy to understand ourselves, our inner voice is sometimes unintelligible among hundreds of external voices. I like helping people to know and love themselves, find joy in life, build relationships with others, look at life situations from a new perspective.

Political scientist in the field of international relations, translator, consultant in the field of Transsystem development, project manager.



Natalia Zaitseva

Life is very multifaceted and changeable. It is difficult to shove it into the framework, although some succeed. But for some reason they then come in search of what lies beyond.
I love life. So different. I will help you find points of support, learn to react differently, see more widely, interact more easily with others.
In my work I use a transsystem approach and sacred yoga.

Topics of consultations:

  • work and personal relationships;
  • goals and desires;
  • existential crises, questions of finding oneself and meaning.
  • internal conflicts and contradictions;
  • questions of choice, fears;
  • questions of motivation, interest in life, apathy, laziness


Alla Dziuba

In my work I use a transsystem approach and sacred yoga. Also leading sacred yoga and tantric practices at the Universum center.



Lyubov Ivanoshchuk

Questions I get asked:

  • diffidence
  • professional relationships, career
  • burnout
  • male-female relations
  • sexuality
  • family relationships
  • relationship with parents
  • existential questions (the meaning of life, I don’t know what I want, shame)
  • body sensation and psychosomatics
  • anxiety, panic attacks, depression

certified consultant in the transsystem approach, working in the areas of sacred yoga and therapy, psychologist, financier



Tatiana Moiseeva

Psychotherapist in the transsystemic approach, yoga therapist in the direction of "Sacred Yoga". Activist and leading trainer in the NGO "Ukrainian Center for the Future".

Topics I work with:

  • Child-parent and male-female relationships
  • inner anxiety and self-doubt
  • goal setting
  • psychological trauma
  • existential crises, the search for the meaning of life


Anna Nosak

Sociologist, head of a public organization, consultant in the transsystem approach.

Topics I work with:

  • Existential questions, crises;
  • Goals and implementation, development of skills to achieve them;
  • Life changes and their passage;
  • Relationships with parents, children, partners, colleagues;
  • Acceptance of oneself, feeling one's uniqueness, gaining confidence;
  • Place and role in the group, involvement.


Iryna Zubets

I practice with the same topics:

  • Personal growth and development: professional development, goals, individual development, self-knowledge, finding answers to the questions "who am I", "who am I", "what are my real needs and desires", etc.
  • Stosunki: between fathers and children, intersobist_snі stosunki (a robot with pairs, a robot from fathers and both fathers over centurions with their children; a robot with family systems).
  • Existential nutrition, sensi: who am I and what am I in this world, the sense of my life, existential crises
  • Self-confidence, self-information, self-acceptance, self-realization.
  • Values, mission, realization

About myself:
Human freedom in all its manifestations is very important to me, so in my work I see, first of all, a personality in everyone. I help people to get to know their unknown parts, to understand themselves, to establish relationships inside and outside of themselves, to restore integrity.

The work can be done in Ukrainian and Russian language, full online (skype).
The work can be carried out in the format of preparatory psychotherapy, for which it is possible to propagate specific problems, or in the format of consultations, for which it is possible to choose the most difficult of minor problems.

Robot format:

  • Individual\family psychotherapy
  • group (trainings, master class, therapeutic groups)
  • yoga classes (on a specific request) and yoga therapy

I check our familiarity! We are happy to welcome you to all your meals.



Anna Protsenko

What questions do they ask me:

  • Self-confidence, feeling and accepting yourself
  • What do I want?
  • Contact with your soul and family
  • Family relationships
  • Meanings of life

She went through a difficult path from self-acceptance and apathy to a sense of stability and fullness of life with meaning.
I cannot imagine myself without music, yoga, spiritual practices, dancing and contact with other people.




tanya tanskaya

I get requests like this:

  • problems in relationships with loved ones, colleagues, superiors
  • unfinished relationships, the inability to let go of those who left
  • difficult relationship with parents/children
  • they don’t understand me, they don’t see me, they don’t notice / I don’t understand what they want from me
  • insecurity, feeling wrong, wrong
  • impotence, apathy, senselessness
  • resentment, aggression, irritation, guilt and other feelings that arise in a relationship
  • fear understandable and inexplicable
  • loss of self, feeling that I do not live my life
  • loss of meaning, midlife crisis
  • emotional burnout and chronic fatigue
  • psychosomatic phenomena, bodily blocks
  • something weird is happening to me


Nadiia Zozulia

Topics of consultations

  • Goal-setting, self-realization, fear of public speaking, self-doubt;
  • Health: symptoms and diseases - psychosomatics, bodily blocks, chronic fatigue syndromes (energy aspects and ties);
  • Fear of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum depression, parenting problems, recovery from the loss of a child;
  • Interpersonal relations - child-parent, male - female; recovery after divorce, loss of relationships; exit from co-dependent relationships;
  • Psychological trauma (post-traumatic syndrome, violence);
  • Loss, grief, loss of loved ones. Help with mourning and the search for new meanings in life.
  • Body blocks and clamps;
  • Addictions and habits: overeating, smoking, mild forms of alcohol addiction, gambling;
  • Meanings and existential crises, midlife crises;
  • Work with dreams and deep processes of the subconscious.



victoria Orel

Questions for which I am asked:

  • Family relationships
  • Male-female relations
  • Child-parent relationship
  • Sexuality
  • Self-awareness
  • Problems in the sensory-emotional sphere

Svetlana Mamaieva

Topics of consultations:

  • relationship between man and woman
  • panic attacks, fears, phobias, emotional burnout
  • existential crises, questions of why to live and where to move on
  • psychosomatics and bodily symptoms
  • issues of femininity, acceptance of yourself, your body, confidence
  • living loss, death, grief, letting go of the past
  • intuition and the ability to hear yourself, trust yourself, spiritual issues